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How Much Will I Need to Invest?

Your initial investment in BioTechs will typically be covered by the additional income you generate with our help in your first year of business.  Although fees will vary, a range is listed below for you.

Franchise Fees: $ 35,000
Insurance, travel, license, etc- $ 850 – $ 3,800
STEP kit – $ 28,850
Vehicle and Signage – $ 9,000 – $ 13,500
Eqpmt/Furn./Fixtures- $ 1,100 – $ 2,750.00
Additional funds- $ 2,000 – $ 4,000

Total investment- $ 76,800 – $ 87,900


STEP 1 – Initial Franchise Survey

The first step is reviewing all pages on our website and if you feel confident that crime & trauma scene cleaning industry for you, and you have the means to purchase a franchise, then click below to take our Initial Franchise Survey.

Please take the following survey to assist us in the introductory call.

This allows us to get a quick glance into your business goals, your background, and where you want to open a franchise.

STEP 2 – Conference Call

Upon receipt of your completed survey, one of our business consultants will review your answers and reach out to you via your preferred method of contact, to either clarify some questions or set up an introductory call to our Co-Founder, Audrey Trinidad.  Here you will have a chance to speak directly to our Owner/Co-Founder of BioTechs.  That’s right, you won’t be speaking to a high-powered salesperson.  You get to speak directly to the Co-Founder. It’s free, no obligation, and you can ask any initial questions you may have.  At the end of the call, if we mutually agree, we will set up a secondary conference call with Trini Trinidad, the Founder.  Once the secondary conference call has been completed, if both parties wish to continue to move forward, we will move on to Discovery Day.

STEP 3 – Discovery Day

Here we will meet face-to-face at our HQ in San Antonio and answer your additional questions and explain in more detail about the program, while learning more about you, and you about us. You will be able to meet and speak to our Director of Training, Chief of Operations, and others from our Management Team to get a better feel of your support team and more clarification on what to expect next. You also may tour our HQ once and see how our Team operates. During this time, we will continue to conduct a mutual interview to make sure you are a good fit for BioTechs and BioTechs is a good fit for you. If both parties wish to continue forward, we will provide you with our very detailed Franchise Disclosure Document so that you can review it with your accountant or attorney to make sure you fully understand all aspects of our franchise business.Franchise Disclosure Document – We will provide you with our very detailed disclosure document so that you can review it with your accountant or attorney to make sure you fully understand all aspects of our franchise business.

STEP 4 – FDD & Franchise Application

After the required 14 days pass after receipt of the FDD, we can move forward to the next phase, the Franchise Application. Here we will process your application, check your credit, and perform a criminal background check to ensure your background is a good fit for the BioTechs brand. Some contracts that you may obtain as a Franchisee, may be with the state or other municipalities, which restrict franchisees from having a criminal background.

STEP 5 – Franchise Agreement

After Discovery Day and completion of your Franchise Application, the BioTechs Management Team will once again convene to review your answers on your survey, review your Franchise Application, and discuss with one another your strengths as a BioTechs Franchise owner.  If you are selected as a fit, we will notify you that you have been awarded a franchise and move forward with all required franchise paperwork which includes setting up a meeting for the signing of the Franchise Agreement.  At that time, funds will exchange hands and you will be the latest owner of a BioTechs franchise.

STEP 6 – 5 Day Training

Lastly, you will attend our BioTechs in-depth training in San Antonio, Tx and receive your equipment and supplies package that will get you prepared for your upcoming jobs.  This training is extremely in-depth so come ready to learn and absorb all you can about marketing, tools of the trade, handling distraught family members, creating invoices, insurance direct billing, how to handle the initial call, and much, much, much more.  You will also receive all the necessary Certificates of Training to stay compliant with OSHA and the standards which regulate our industry.  You will be instructed by an OSHA instructor and provided all necessary information to help you pass your tests but more importantly, how to keep yourself and your technicians safe out on the job sites.  Upon completion of your training, you will receive several Certificates which will allow you to launch your business and start helping your community immediately.

BioTechs is a very successful crime and trauma scene cleaning franchise.  With over a decade of experience in this industry, BioTechs is the leader in emergency biohazard cleanup. Our innovative marketing campaigns and compassionate manner in which we handle our clients, is unmatched anywhere in this field. Contact us at to apply today.


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Client Testimonials:

“I don’t know what cloud you came down from but I can only say you were my God sent angel. ”
MariaElena Foster

Trauma Case Victim

“I don’t know what cloud you came down from but I can only say you were my God sent angel. ”
MariaElena Foster

Trauma Case Victim

“I cannot thank you enough. The technician was gentleman and treated my mother with respect.”
Pamela Roger

Trauma Case Victim


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